Fitting your Adjustable Book Protection Jacket

Fitting your book cover is easy, simply follow these steps to ensure your books are correctly protected.

The maximum size that a jacket will accomodate is the point located 45mm from the edge of the first strap(see figure i). This is the point at the top of the tapered edge on the book jacket. When folding the FLAP at this point it will tuck 5mm under the first strap. From this point, the overall length of the book jacket can be adjusted downwards (making it smaller) by further tucking the FLAP under the first strap until the point is reached where the tapered edge meets the edge of the first strap (see Figure ii). The overall size of the jacket can then be reduced further still, by carefully tearing off STRAP 1 and continuing to tuck the FLAP under STRAP 2 until the top of the tapered edge meets the edge of STRAP 2. This point is the jacket’s minimum size, as shown in Figure iii.

The code embossed on the jacket is an easy way to instantly identify the size capabilities of the jacket. For example ‘H198L245-290’ covers books with a spine ‘H’eight of 198mm and an overall cover width ranging from 245mm through to 290mm.

For smaller sized books, it is essential that you remove the first strap in order that the jacket fits correctly, as shown below.


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