How to measure your book and order the correct jacket

    1. Place the book face down on a flat surface.

    2. First measure the Height rounding upto the nearest millimetre. This will form the first part of the librex order code. So for example, if the book height measured 197mm, the first part of code would be H198

    3. Now you need to measure the overall outside length of the cover. To do this measure the back cover (A) and the front cover (B) (these should measure the same) then add these to the final spine measurement (C) in millimetres.

    1. You should then choose the appropriate length from the 9 available in the list above. So for example, if A and B measure 150mm and C measures 20mm then you would select L290-335 (As illustrated by the the red border)
    2. Thus, your Librex code would be H198L290-335